7 - 10 March 2021



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                                  Now in its fifth year, Stone & Surface Saudi is the Kingdom’s only event dedicated to its natural stone and surface design industry. Stone & Surface Saudi offers an invaluable opportunity for international and local suppliers of stone, marble, ceramics and surface design products and solutions to connect with the key buyers and decision-makers responsible for Saudi Arabia’s multi-billion dollar active construction projects.

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                                  STONE, MARBLE AND CERAMICS


                                  WALL COVERING AND WOOD FLOORING


                                  EXTERIOR & INTERIOR SURFACE MATERIALS


                                  TEXTILE COVERING (WALL TO WALL) SECTION


                                  ABRASIVES, ADHESIVES AND COATINGS


                                  MACHINERY, TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT


                                  COMPOSITE/RESILIENT FLOORING


                                  DECORATIVE PAINTS

                                  "Visiting Stone & Surface Saudi allowed us to see innovations specifically in cladding and alternative materials and on top of that, we've estabilished new relations that are beneficial for our business"

                                  ENG. MAHER ARABI

                                  Senior Structural Engineer ,Dar Al-Handassah Shair & Partners

                                  "Shows like Stone & Surface Saudi help source the right products for like me who work closely in the industry. I visited the show to find chemical based products used in the marble industry and found what I was looking for. I would highly recommend this show and will be back again."

                                  MOHAMMED SHARIF

                                  Business Supervisor ,Osama For Marble

                                  "I am glad I visited the show and found the type of products I was looking for. Exhibitions like this really help in sourcing the right product for the right project."


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                                  "Stone & Surface Saudi is the perfect platform for industry professionals like us who look for niche products. I was happy with the products displayed and found the right product options I was looking for. I will be back again tomorrow."


                                  Architect ,Mafaheem Al Eamar

                                  “It is excellent to see a niche show like Stone & Surface Saudi. The event has helped us save time to source products for our varied project requirements. The variety of marble and other stones was impressive. I will definitely recommend the show to my colleagues, and will be back again.”

                                  SHADI AL SHARIF

                                  Project Engineer ,Johnson Controls

                                  “I flew in from Al Khobar and this show was completely worth it. I found alternative products for a particular project and there were very good options. I also attended the seminars and the speakers were excellent. I will definitely be back next year.”


                                  Architect ,ACGS - Arabian Castles for General Contracting Co.

                                  "Turkey has one of the largest stone reserves in the world and shows like Stone & Surface Saudi helps in showcasing what Turkey has to offer. We are displaying products like marble, onyx, travertine and many more. Come join us at Stone & Surface Saudi.

                                  CANER GULSOY

                                  Fair Project Specialist ,Expotim / Ladin

                                  “We met architects, interior designers and contractors who are the right people to do business with. We also acquired some strong leads, which we would not have achieved if we were not here at Stone & Surface Saudi.”


                                  Director - Contract Division ,Louis De Poortere

                                  “I want to thank the organisers of Stone & Surface Saudi here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for doing an amazing job in publicizing the show. We received a great response and acquired a lot of contacts. I highly encourage anyone that is considering taking part in the show next year to do it. It is a very good business opportunity. Again, I thank the organisers of the event for a wonderful and prosperous show.”


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